Euronoise Edinburgh Conference 2009

Euronoise Edinburgh Conference 2009

Enjoyed another stint at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre 26-28 Oct.

I was commissioned by the Institute of Acoustics for the European international conference for 2009 – Euronoise 2009. Fascinating talks from speakers from all over the world, yet again a learning curve on what affects all our lives every day.

One  session was on railways and the methods of improving on sound suppression of rails with trains going over them in tunnels and above ground. So, as  I was crossing Princes St in Edinburgh the oterh day where the tram rails are nearly complete I noticed a works manager taking photos of the work. Being out on an assignment and Nikon on the shoulder I stopped to chat about rails and the rubber sheathing laid under them. He must have thought I was a bit of a train nerd but then explained that only the previous week I was the photographer for Euronosie where this was one of the topics.

Anyway a good 3 day conference with a gala  dinner at Murrayfield Stadium.

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