The gales had died down just hours before, replaced by “Frozen Planet” icy temperatures. My shooting location was a blow up ‘Log Cabin’ parked at the back of the dance venue (aka gym – but well decked out).

Despite asking for some light during my reckie earlier in the day on 9 December, none was provided and resorted to getting camera focus by torch light held between my legs. I’d already rigged up a flash on a tripod and hidden it behind a snowman as I had to be a bit creative in this  6 foot by 8 foot plastic interior. Then power cuts caused a serious deflation, knocking reindeers and my flash over – but got a shot of the blow up on the way back up. Only on uploading the images later did I see that the remote flash had gone off inside. I gave up trying to stick the antlers back in its head! Fortunately I had a builders tungsten bulb mobile light and rigged that up.

Bloody cold shoot, in the most awkward circumstances. But as ever with 1 Scots, always a good bunch.

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