On 10 November I covered the 150th anniversary event by National Museums Scotland Enterprises Hospitality and Events as they welcomed nearly 400 clients and industry contacts to the National Museum of Scotland on Chambers Street. Guests were treated to an evening extravaganza a high quality food and drink experience, exciting entertainment and experienced the Museum as it has never been seen before.

The Grand Gallery’s with its beautiful “birdcage” structure and delicate cast-iron balconies and soaring glass roof, was transformed into a Victorian circus

The event showcased the Museum as an events venue and demonstrated the versatility of the space and the quality produce and services of its key suppliers. The venue was turned around as a visitor attraction when it closed at 5pm and was ready to welcome guests at 7pm.

National Museums Scotland Enterprises director of hospitality and events Robin Stewart said: “The event was a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase the stunning venue that is the National Museum of Scotland. We worked closely with our suppliers to put together the event and were delighted with how the evening ran. Feedback from our clients and guests has been overwhelming positive and we look forward to welcoming them back to the Museum soon.”

Behind the scenes; I was using mostly an off camera flash on a stand but for some shots placed another two on the floor as I did for behind the ballet dancers. For others I just asked  a couple of guests I knew to hold them and so was able to shoot with all 3 flash. A great night for a photographer looking for PR type shots, getting staff and entertainers to pose and create some fun shots.