Business and Corporate Portrait Photography Edinburgh


People make businesses – so true!

Very satisfying to go to different businesses and locations to take business style photographs of  staff members and management.

As well as gaining new clients, I am  retained by Axiom Advocates practice in Parliament House, Edinburgh, Cullen Property and others to photograph new members who join the teams.


What do I set up?

I’ll bring two or sometimes three off camera flash, a reflector, tripods and stool and can shoot in quite confined space if need be.  Of course good space helps those being photographed and just makes it feel a bit less intimidating. So something like a 3m by 5m space is a rough minimum.

A common request is for completely white background so that it fits nicely into white background web sites for bright clean look and no image borders. I just need a light coloured background and white or near white is ideal.

However I can bring backgrounds and stands which can be used to create grey style backgrounds with different light effects – or lit to make white. I also have ‘Chroma Green’ background and this allows any kind of background to be added in post production – this is used a lot on TV ( weather forecasts).

Portraits for Advocates Edinburgh


I have been doing these photos for the past 3 years and go back when a new member joins the firm.

The brief from the London agency was for less formal style where they are engaging in meetings and conversation. The formality of wigs and more typical library style photographs was avoided. Axiom Advocates.

Series of Portraits for CEO


Jeremy Hawkings, CEO of Luxury Scotland, was looking for a number of different styles to be able to use for newsletters and web site updates.

Portrait Photography Convention Edinburgh


Team photos and groups shots expressing business style… and a bit of fun. It was in the brief – Honest!




Property company in Edinburgh


The brief from the marketing and PR  agency, Niche Works, for the portrait photographs was for clean cut look, bright images and on completely white background. There were to be used on their new web site with a white background and no image borders. Cullen Property – Team.

Cortex in Edinburgh


Again the brief from the digital marketing company Cortex in Edinburgh, part of Hogarth Worldwide, for the portrait photographs was for quality black and white, clean cut look, bright images and on a white background.

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